Relaxation Therapy

Healing with Sound and Vibration

Experience meditation and relaxation made easy! Lie on our comfortable Sound Table@and put on the earphones and optional light glasses and just relax. Through brainwave technology pioneered by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, music through the Sound Table@ will automatically put you in a meditative relaxed state by balancing the two hemispheres of your brain.

Delta Wave – enhances sleep and physical rejuvenation
Theta Wave – enhances creativity, insight and athletic performance
Alpha Wave – for general relaxation, and ability to see “the big picture”
Beta Wave – for mental clarity and attention – great for those suffering from ADHD

If you’d like to experience your acupuncture session on the Sound Table@ please let us know (there may be an extra fee of $20,  first come, first serve).

I highly recommend Brainwave CD’s to be used at home in conjunction with any or our services.

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