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If you’d like to heal naturally without drugs or surgery, then read on...

My name is Dr. Karen Kan, MD.  I’m a family medicine practitioner who “morphed” into a holistic physician and acupuncturist.  Not long ago, I became very ill and became partially disabled. It took me by surprise because I had always been incredibly productive my whole life. People used to call me the “Energizer Bunny” and I was the ultimate multitasker. But stress had always been a constant friend to me, and in my mid-thirties, my body just broke down.

During the worst period of my illness, I could neither sleep soundly nor move without constant pain. I’d often cry myself to sleep and I became extremely depressed. All the traditional medical therapies I had access to were no match for the constant fatigue and pain I experienced in my body.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a painful disorder that has no “cure”, from which most folks become permanently disabled.

Finally, I sought the help of non-traditional healers: acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists, spiritual healers and transformational teachers.  Finally I began to feel better.  Through my own healing process, I have been able to witness the great power of spiritual and energy healing.  

Today, I’m back to being my “Energizer Bunny” self, but with one big difference. I am no longer a stress-addict and enjoy my life more than I ever had before my illness.  Since healing my own illness at lightning speed, I’ve won nine (and counting) gold medals in adult figure skating and have become a bestseller author and creator of the TOLPAKAN (TM) Healing Method. 

As each week passes, I discover newer and faster ways to support the healing process.  There are fantastic integrative tools available to help my patients heal from the inside out, and I’m eager to share them with people who are ready to open their minds and hearts to the possibilities of positive transformation. 

If you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re in the wrong place.  To get where you want to go requires faith and effort on your part, but the good news is that you CAN heal no matter what your other doctors tell you.  It is a matter between you and Spirit (God) – and I am just the messenger.  You might be asking, “What kind of effort is required on my part to get better?”  Well, here are some examples:

The above are just some examples of the “homework” given to my patients.  Don’t worry – you won’t be given more than you can handle.  On the other hand, you’d be surprised just how powerful your “homework” can be in the healing process.  My job is to help you access the intuitive part of yourself (some people call it your subconscious and other people call it your “Higher Self””) that already knows exactly what you need to heal and share its wisdom.

If I simplify things down to two types of patients:

I am the kind of doctor who loves the second type of patient.  In fact, I won’t accept the first type of patient into my practice at all.

Even if you’ve been to some of best conventional medicine and alternative medicine doctors and haven’t gotten better, there is still hope.  There isn’t one type of medicine that is best for everyone, but if you’re willing to be open to exploring all possibilities – even spiritual ones – there is always hope for improvement or cure.

Dr. Eldon Taylor, author of Choices and Illusions, performed a study in which terminal cancer patients and their doctors were given a questionnaire asking them how much they believed that the Mind had an impact on health.  All of the patients were given a Cancer Remission CD with subliminal messages to listen to.  When both the doctor and the patient believed that the Mind was important in healing, every single one of those cancer patients went into remission, however, when the doctor believed that the Mind was not important in healing, every one of those patients died (even if the patient believed the Mind was important).  See how important it is to choose your doctor wisely?

No matter what diagnosis you  have, I believe you can heal.  I can “see” you healed in my Mind’s Eye.  Whether it happens is up you you and Spirit.  Your job is to be willing to show up, be open, and evolve.  So are you ready?

I have found that an integrative approach that primarily involves Spiritual medicine, Energy medicine and Functional medicine.  This combination can solve chronic health problems that conventional medicine cannot. The majority of patients who resonate with me are sensitive empathic (they feel others’ pain) who often have:

Watch the video below that explains my approach to healing and see if it resonates with you:

If you’re ready to make a commitment to your health and wellness, then I’m ready to guide you on your path.  Schedule a ten minute free consult to see if what I do resonates with you.  Just click the pop-up called Book a Consult in the bottom right corner of the website or use the CONTACT form.


Dr. Karen Kan

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