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Top Six Ways to Transform Your Health

I’ve been “experimenting” a lot lately with my own healthcare regime. I’ve been reading a lot of books and blogs as well. There are a few “new” things to my practice that I am now recommending to everyone in my practice. Some you may have already heard about, but some may be brand new to you.

Here are my top SIX:

1. Get Grounded: Earthing is a term for getting physically grounded to mother earth. That involves touching your bare skin on the earth in the simplest sense. By doing so, the earth’s electrons travel up into your body and scavenge the excess free-radicals that may be causing inflammation in your body. Earthing while you sleep has huge long-term benefits, but I don’t expect you to lie outside on the ground! Instead, you can get an earthing bed pad or sheet.I also recommend having an earthing pad below your bare feet while you’re at the computer to ground you.It will help neutralize the EMF (electromagnetic radiation) from your computer equipment. That being said, if you talk on your cell phone without a protective device, you should also do that while standing bare foot outside!

2. Transdermal Magnesium: After reading the original and the updated version of Mark Sircus’ book on Transdermal Magnesium, I’m totally “into” magnesium now. I’ve tried replenishing magnesium through supplements, but my patients just couldn’t take such a big dose. Now that I know that about 80-90% people in America are magnesium deficient (due to inadequate minerals in our soil and food), I’m recommending it to everyone. And don’t let anyone scare you about being overdosed.Unless you have kidney failure, it won’t happen. I’m especially recommending it to my patients with heart issues, anxiety, palpitations, hormonal issues, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, ADHD, skin issues, chronic fatigue, brain issues…all who tend to have extremely low magnesium tissues levels..something simple blood tests can’t pick up!Mark Sircus, the expert in this arena only recommend Ancient Minerals brand because of their potency and purity.I use the lotion in the morning after showering on most reachable parts of my skin and then the spray oil in the evening before bed. I also squirt 2 sprays in the arm pits as he does as well. I have some in my office and Green Goddess carries it in Lake Placid if you’re local.

3. Patch Your Head with LifeWave Y-Age Aeon: I can’t say enough the benefits of patching your head acupuncture points with the LifeWave Aeon patch. I find that I’m calmer, more organized, more productive, happier, more inspired and more prosperous.The patch “brain balances” the nervous system, which is a pre-requisite to self-healing.I can always tell which patient hasn’t been patching their heads because their symptoms return: anxiety, mood swings, stress, pain, sleep problems, hot flashes etc.In other words: no brain balance=no healing.Even if you don’t use cellular and cordless phones, other people around you do. And then there are cell towers and power lines. You can’t get away from irradiating your brain! Patching your head with Aeon daily or at least every other days helps support your nervous system from being damaged from the environment..even natural sources (such as earthquakes and solar energy).

4. Get Organic and Non-Toxic: If you can get local non-pesticide fruits and vegetables, they are the most energetically rich. Support your local farmer’s market. I’m amazed how much better local produce tastes! If you can’t, then at least avoid the “dirty dozen” and buy the “clean fifteen”:  http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/Eat at least 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. I use an organic greens drink with my breakfast just to add to my anti-oxidants. I use Greens First and alternate with Nanogreens.I have a sensitive stomach and I tolerate both these very well, and besides, they taste good! Lately I’ve been juicing local vegetables almost daily. Wow! What a difference.I encourage you to do the same if you have the time.Buy non-toxic skin care products and household cleaners. There are many great ones on the market. I use a variety of skin care products..some are locally made by hand.  I’ve learned to read the ingredients. If you don’t know how, get a copy of Suzanne Somers’ book Sexy Forever as there is a great list in there.

5. Drink Energized Water: Water has the unique capability of carrying energetic information. In it’s ultimate crystalline form, it hydrates the cells and removes toxins. However, most city water has chlorine and fluoride which taints the purity of the water. Even if you filter them with one of those sophisticated water purification systems, you’re still left with the energetic imprint of the chemicals in your water. Ugh.According to natural health expert, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the ideal way to “treat” your water before you drink it (so that it benefits you the best). I’ve added my two cents to his list:

  1. get rid of the toxins by using a professional distiller (although Dr. Mercola uses a filter and you can see what he recommends by going to his site) especially if you have city water (not well water)
  2.  adding minerals in the form of a pinch of Himlayan crystal salt. I also use a liquid mineral supplement but you don’t have to.
  3. re-energize the water. You can use the Stir Wand, that has been clinically proven to increase hydration, Willard Water, which also increases hydration by decreasing the surface tension of the water. I use a special flask that I got from Japan that does wonders with the water, and is tested by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s lab to recrystallize the water. The only problem with the flask is that there are many copycats in the East and if you don’t buy it from a distributor, you can get a “fake”.
  4. Bless the water. I do one better. I use a special computer program that supercharges it with my intentions. It is truly amazing, but most people don’t believe something like this can work, so I don’t bother convincing them.
  5. vortex the water. I shake my flask vigorously or I stir it with the Stir Wand.
  6. finally I store my water in glass or my flask before I drink it. DO NOT store your water in a metal or plastic container ideally. Yes, yes, I know, everyone bought metal water bottles after the plastic BPA cancer scare….but sorry, it deactivates the energy in the water unless you have a special flask like mine. Check out some of the beautiful water bottles from Needs.com.

6. Clear Your Emotional “leftovers” every day.As we go about our day, we collect emotional responses from our day and most of us have no idea that we are hanging onto negative ones, even if it is a small annoyance. These small “annoyances” (and sometimes they are big!) are very detrimental as they literally steal energy from you  and they add up! And if you have emotional grievances that you have not resolved or let go in the past, that can set you up for some pretty hefty health consequences.

I highly suggest signing up for my *FREE Fast Track Your Healing Classes, one of which specifically focused on how you can release your Emotional Baggage using the Emotion Code. Just Sign up in the top right hand corner here: www.karenkan.com and you’ll receive immediate access to it.

You can also do energy psychology exercises such as TAT, EFT or the Sedona Method every day to unwind from your day.Clearing your emotional baggage regularly will leave you with a lot more energy and “lightness” to begin the next day. I also like to end the day by journaling my successes and everything I’m grateful for that day.Well, with time, I’m sure my recommendations will “morph”, but these are my top six for now! I believe EVERYONE should consider doing all of the above, not just people who are sick.

I would appreciate your comments if this has been helpful to you.

Dr. Karen

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