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Even Organic Whole Wheat Bread is Bad for You…

I recently finished reading a fascinating book by William Davis, MD called Wheat Belly (click on RESOURCES ) to find in my bookstore under Diet and Nutrition). In it, he outlines his carefully researched reasons that he advises his cardiac patients (he is a preventive cardiologist) to avoid wheat at all costs. His facts are compelling and I was shocked to discover that the results of the famous China Study, that encouraged us to eat a more plant-based vegetarian diet and avoid meat and saturated fat, was not properly interpreted! In other words, if you took wheat as a separate risk factor, it had the highest correlation to being overweight and having heart disease…NOT animal protein.

In fact, animal protein correlated even LESS than plant-based protein, with heart disease! Go figure!

OK, I’m back to eating meat (chuckle!). No seriously, I actually feel better and am slimmer and more energetic eating saturated fat and meat (only local meat, no antibiotics etc. whenever I’m home).

Dr. Davis shares in Wheat Belly that:

  • Wheat is actually addictive. After digestion, a component of wheat actually attaches itself to narcotic receptors in your brain, and this effect can be blocked by using a drug called Naltrexone (what we use in heroin addicts to get them off their “high” quickly)
  • Wheat causes inflammation in the body. Dr. Davis has thousands of cases of patients whose cholesterol levels dropped back to normal after taking wheat out of their diets. High cholesterol is a symptom of inflammation (and not a direct cause of heart disease). Thus dropping the inflammation, drops the cholesterol naturally…without drugs.
  • Two slices of whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar more than two TABLESPOONS of table sugar! Yikes! Even I didn’t know this. The sugar spike is even worse than eating white bread (which I don’t recommend either because it is devoid of nutrients). So pre-diabetics and people with blood sugar-handling problems like me, will actually store the sugar very quickly as FAT through the efficient action of insulin from the pancreas. Eventually though, the pancreas can “poop” out from all that work and BAM! You get diabetes.
  • His overweight, diabetic patients actually lose a ton of weight and become cured of their diabetes often when they cut out wheat and high glycemic carbohydrates out of their diets (corn, potato etc.)

My significant-other, James, was thoroughly addicted to wheat, and wasn’t convinced that wheat was bad for him until we went on a colon clease together. For eight days he didn’t eat wheat. To his shock and surprise, when he introduced it into his diet (thanks to his boss who bought the guys a bunch of freshly made donuts!) the joints in his hands swelled and his back was “killing him” the next day when he woke up. I also noticed in skating he wasn’t as strong and would get injured easily.

So do yourself a favor and try cutting wheat out of your diet. And you might even try going gluten-free (not by buying a bunch of gluten-free boxed food but eating more whole live food) if you have chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne or asthma. All are linked with gluten-sensitivity. In case you don’t already know. Gluten is a protein component of wheat products.

James is doing well with gluten-free. When he gets pain, he then investigates why…and usually it is from a soup or something that he didn’t know had gluten in it. Now, when he buys freshly made food from a store, he’ll ask if it has wheat in it. Way to go James!

Happy Eating,
Dr. Karen Kan

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