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Doctors Call for End of Water Fluoridation

Putting Fluoride in Drinking Water is a BAD Idea

I just finished watching the movie, Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, to learn more about water fluoridation from the experts. I assumed, as most doctors do, that there must have been great scientific evidence to prove that putting fluoride in drinking water is beneficial for everyone..otherwise, why would the government approve its universal use?

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Apparently, this type of evidence never existed. Once I found out that the fluoride used in our drinking water is industrial run-off from the phosphate fertilizer industry (who way-back-when was told by the government they couldn’t just dump it into our rivers), I decided I better get to the truth of the  matter. After watching the movie, I was astounded to learn that not only is fluoride never been shown to be beneficial when swallowed, it actually can cause harm, especially to newborns and people with kidney failure, like my dad.

Most surprising was the fact that I didn’t realize I have dental fluorosis!  My dentist called it “chalking” when I was a kid. Not only is it unsightly, it proves that I’ve been overdosed with fluoride from a young age.

And get this: too much fluoride can cause symptoms similar to arthritis! Hmm, wonder if my fibromyalgia symptoms are related to too much fluoride accumulated in my system? I wonder!

So after watching the movie, I signed the doctors’ petition to get the stuff out of our drinking water worldwide at www.FluorideAlert.org. To summarize what I learned from the movie, here are the top ten reasons why our water shouldn’t be fluoridated:

Top Ten Reasons to Stop Fluoridating Tap Water

1. Most people are not even aware that their water supply is fluoridated, an obvious violation of their right for an informed consent.

2. Fluoride has no significant biological value. In fact, it can  even slow down the vital functions of important body enzymes and G-proteins.

3. Children are high-risk in developing mild to severe forms of dental fluorosis. From the time fluoridation was first introduced in the 1940’s up to the recent years, cases of dental fluorosis (significant damage to tooth enamel secondary to overexposure in fluoridated water)  have increased from 10% to an astounding 40%, according to 2010 CDC reports.

4. Water fluoridation involves the use of chemical by-products of the fertilizer industry.

5. Fluoride in water provides little or no benefit to our teeth. As a matter of fact, a U.S. study (Warren et al., 2009) found no significant link between the use of fluoridated water and development of tooth decay.

6. Ingestion of fluoride involves many health risks. It’s one thing to use fluoridated toothpaste to nourish our teeth  but to ingest fluoride directly through a drinking water is another. As a matter of fact, several adverse effects related to fluoride ingestion have been previously recorded. These include, but not limited to:

a. Brain damage – Both animal and  human studies performed by EPA scientists in the 90’s proved that fluoridated water can bring dementia-like effects to the brain and even decrease IQ levels among children.

b. Thyroid problems – The National Research Council (NRC) has described fluoride as an “endocrine disrupter”  because low to high doses of fluoride can affect the vital functions of the thyroid gland, leading to depression, weight gain and other related manifestations.

c. Bone diseases – NRC also emphasized that fluoridated water with levels as low as 1.5 ppm can decrease bone strength and make our  skeletal system  even more vulnerable to fractures. In addition to that, Harvard scientists have also found a significant link between fluoride ingestion and development of a certain type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma among men under the age of 20.

d. Additional burden on kidney patients – People who currently suffer from a certain case of kidney disease can further damage their body if they ingest fluoridated water. Their inability to adequately excrete fluoride will lead to a serious bone disorder  called renal osteodystrophy.

7. Breast milk is a better alternative for babies. If you’re going to compare the amount of fluoride contained in human breast milk to that of bottled milk prepared  in places where fluoridated water is abundant, you will discover that bottle-fed infants receive 200 times more fluoride than their breastfed counterparts, exposing them to more adverse effects related to fluoride ingestion.

8. Follow-up monitoring is not being done so the actual extent of adverse effects of fluoride ingestion has  not been confirmed yet.

9. High-risk groups are exposed to more serious dangers. Fluoride ingestion can be  more dangerous and sometimes even fatal for high-risk groups such as diabetics, infants, elderly, people with existing disease and those with either a calcium or iodine deficiency.

10. People with low incomes are particularly discriminated. Access to fluorosis treatment and ways to avoid fluoride in drinking water is limited for people with low socio-economic status.


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