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How Allowing Changes Everything

An Introduction to Allowing

When we allow things to unfold in our lives, we give up the illusion of total control, and the attitude that we have to make everything happen “all by ourselves.”

It sounds simple enough, but for many of us who have been drilled that hard work is the only ingredient to success, it may be more difficult to implement  as an ongoing practice.

The truth is “allowing” is as important as action, and it can completely alter your experience of unfolding transformations with ease.

GP Walsh, is a friend and talented expert on the art of Allowing.

For a limited time, GP is offering two, totally *f*r*e*e* introductory classes on Allowing on Tuesday August 13th. One at 2pm and one at 8pm (eastern time).


Here is what he is going to be doing:

  • The why, when and how of Allowing?
  • Exploration of how Allowing changes everything
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Open floor for questions & comments
  • Live, guided, Allowing meditations
  • A recording of the class available for download afterwards
  • A free gift


Not only that, but when you register at http://http://www.justallowit.net/dap/a/?a=215&p=justallowit.net you will automatically get a download of a free Body Awareness exercise that is part of his full audio course. That’s 20 minutes of guided Allowing just for registering.

Please join me in attending GP’s class and let’s explore together how dramatically this simple yet profound concept can change everything.

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