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Monday’s LIVE Healings: Speaking Your Truth, Deep Love Connections and More


There are only a handful of healers whose praises I sing, and even fewer that I invite consistently back on my radio show. The healers I do have on my show are those that have an incredible ability to quickly hone into exactly to what needs to be shifted in this moment. It’s a truly beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. And it’s a LOT of fun!

Lottie Cooper is one of those beautiful souls. Being the generous person that she is, she has come on my radio show several times this year and has offered up some really powerful live free mini-healings to my listeners every time she comes.

So it’s only suiting that Lottie joins me for my final live radio show of 2016 next week! We will be talking about how to deepen your connections to your most important relationships, including your relationship with yourself, and those closest to your heart.

I hope you will tune in for a powerful replay group healing activation that will allow you to:

  • Understand your partner’s love languages at a deeper level
  • Tune into yourself more easily
  • Master deep listening
  • Communicate from your heart without fear or guilt
  • Understand another’s perspective without taking it personally

At the end of the show, Lottie does a group healing for optimal communication and speaking up about your truth from your heart.

Below are the details to join us! Replay will be available at the link below where you can still take advantage of the free group healing.

Tune for the replay here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/12/19/deeply-connect-with-your-partner-live-energy-healings-with-lottie-cooper

To learn more about Lottie’s powerful work visit inspirationalcounseling.com/ and take advantage of Lottie’s very generous offer of 50% off  her relationship communication package with coupon code “50off” HERE.

Enjoy, and be sure to share this powerful free resource with someone you care about!

Dr. Karen

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