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Can the Nirvana Patch help with Ascension Symptoms?

It’s no secret that many of us have been experiencing quite a number of Ascension symptoms including

– Edema, bloating, weight gain

– Neck tension and headache

– Emotional imbalances

and that’s a few of them.

As a spiritual healer, I often stress the importance of daily energy maintenance practices. But what can we do for our physical bodies to make Ascension easier? (besides the usual stuff: sleep, grounding and self-care)

I invited Dr. Dennis Lobstein on my radio show on Monday for what will likely be a spirited (and possibly controversial) interview about the possible role of beta-endorphins, Nirvana phototherapy patch and supplement, and Ascension.

Questions I’ll be asking Dr. Dennis:

1. Is there any evidence that beta endorphin levels have anything to do with spirituality or ascension?

2. How would Nirvana phototherapy patch and supplement support ascension?

3. What acupuncture points would be helpful to place phototherapy patches to help with ascension related symptoms?

**If you’d like to be tested to see if Nirvana would benefit for you, I’m willing to take some callers to Divine Muscle Test.  Not everyone “needs” increase beta-endorphins, but maybe you might!
Here are the details to join us: 
Monday, September 4th at 3 pm EST
Call in to ask your questions at: (818) 514-1190
Tune in via webcast at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2017/09/04/is-there-a-connection-between-ascension-and-beta-endorphins

Can’t join us live? You can still check out the replay at the link above anytime after the interview airs!
Dr. Karen
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