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Who is YOUR Soul Destiny Partner? Your Soul Contract Partners? What’s the Difference?

One of the ways that I love to give back is to offer free mini healings once a month on my radio show (in case you didn’t already know you can actually “follow” me HERE to be notified of all the upcoming shows). 

This month I decided to ask my lovely Light Warriors what they wanted to dive into and what a great topic they chose!

On Monday we will be chatting about how to discover your Soul Destiny Partners and Your Contract Partners.

For most of my life, my mother was one of my Soul Destiny Partners.  She was here to help me.  My other soul destiny partner was Mother Earth and I am here to help her!  So we’ll discuss who or what could be a soul destiny partner and why sometimes you’ll be feeling symptoms related to her/him…and then what to about it!  I’ll be sharing some stories from my client experiences that may help you too.
So, this is our once a month healing show where you can call in LIVE and potentially get a free mini-reading and healing from me as well as a group healing.  Even if you can’t make it live, you can listen to the replay and still receive.  Cool or cool?
Here are the details to tune into the show:
Monday, December 11th at 12 pm EST
Call for your chance at a mini healing and to ask your questions at: (818) 514-1190
Enjoy, and please share this FREE Resource with someone you love!
Dr. Karen
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