Congrats on ordering your Intolerance & Nutrition Test!

Thank you for purchasing the Intolerance & Nutrition test.  Please download the form below and fill in your contact information.  There are instructions on how to send your samples right on the form.  You are allowed 5 free “extra” items that you can send to the lab for them to test.  Please note that you must be careful in sending these items so they do not leak and contaminate each other.  Download the following form:

Dr Karen’s Intolerance and Nutritional Test Form

IMPORTANT! On the form where it asks you for a PayPal Transaction ID, Dr. Karen will email you with the correct ID number.  It will NOT be the PayPal ID number you received after your purchase.

What gets tested? Click the links below to download the list

Download the full list of FOOD items tested

Download the full list of NON-FOOD items tested

Download the list of nutrients tested



How to take your hair sample: 

We only require a few strands of hair for testing. The hair can come from any place on the
body, however most people take it from the head. We advise that you have a small, plastic bag
readily available to put the hair in, once cut. To take the hair sample, simply brush the hair
upwards, taking a few strands between your finger and thumb. Carefully cut the hair as close
to the scalp as possible; if in doubt, ask someone to help you do this to reduce risk of injury.
Put the strands of hair into the bag and seal it shut and then place this sample (along with any
additional samples provided) and the submission form into an envelope and return to the
following correspondence address:

The Allergy Testing Group
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. #19057

TX 77043
United States

Once your test pack arrives at our offices, we aim to have your hair samples tested and
the results sent out to you within 7 – 10 days. Thank you for your purchase!

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