Beyond Organic Food

Although I don’t do dairy much, my significant other loves dairy. As I found out more and more about the harm of pasteurized, homogenized milk, I grew concerned that his dairy desires weren’t going to be healthy.

Introducing Beyond Organic raw cheeses, low-temp pasteurized green fed organic dairy, grass fed beef, and voila!

Just to put the cheese to the test, I invited one of my friends, Greg, who is kind of a cheese connoisseur. He tried the raw whole milk cheddar and gave it two thumbs up! Now I know this stuff is good.

My significant other, James, likes the idea of taking probiotics, but honestly, if I don’t hand it to him, he “forgets” to take it. I don’t blame him. Many people don’t think of popping pills as a daily routine. The cool thing is that with Beyond Organic cultured whey and Amasai (inspired by the ancient tribe Amasai of Africa), the probiotics are built in.


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