EMF Protection

Electromagnetic fields can cause illness. Certainly the cell phone and cordless phone companies don’t want you to know that. These EMF’s cause stress on the body and disrupt the natural communication between your cells.

Some people actually suffer from Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome but even if you don’t, the EMFs are still causing stress in your body.

Here are some devices well known to cause brain imbalances, fatigue and some, even heart arrhythmias (rhythm problems):

Recently I became very sensitive to EMFs and the protective devices I was using on my cell phone was not protecting me from other wireless (microwave radiation) devices in public places or in people’s homes. I had migraines and joint pain.


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Luckily I stumbled upon this company, EarthCalm, whose technology works differently from any other EMF protection device I’ve tried so far. Instead of filtering the EMF, it actually ground the negative frequency (think of it changing the channel) to the natural resonance of earth.

The good news is that you only need ONE device to protect you from the low frequency EMFs in the home (anything plugged into your electrical wiring) and WiFi:  the Infinity Home Protection System (formerly called Home Scalar System).  EarthCalm used to make the Omega WiFi plug for the router but now the technology has advanced and this protection has been added to the Home EMF Protection system for no additional cost.  That’s a $179 savings.



Then if you’re electrosensitive like me and you want personal protection outside the home, you’ll want to get the Nova Resonator (for both low frequency EMF and wireless) pendant or anklet, and the Earthcalm Quantum Cell if you own a cell phone.


For laptops, tablets (such as the iPad) you’ll want to get the Torus. And if you drive on long trips in your car and tend to get tired or you have a hybrid car (they emit more EMF than regular cars), you’ll want to get the Voyager.

Click here to visit EarthCalm, Inc.

EarthCalm EMF Product Research

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An economical option for smartphones is a new product by Energy Tools International, called the EMF Transformer, which has been tested to by renowned neuroscientist Jeffrey Fannin, to prevent brain excitation caused by cell phone radiation.  In other words, you’re more likely to keep your brain balanced with the EMF transformer on your phone than without it.  It runs around $42 and is adhesive and stick on the back of your smartphone or your smartphone case.  To purchase, go to www.energytoolsint.com.

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How do I decide which Cell Phone radiation protector to use?

Simple, I use muscle testing on each patient to see which model is best for them based on their cell phone and convenience.  If you don’t know how to muscle test, you should sign up for my newsletter so you can get the free Fast Track Your Health class on Muscle Testing!


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