Pre-Made Paleo Meals

Tired of cooking all your healthy meals?

Wish you had more time to cook?

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If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then we’re in the same boat. I’ve got a secret: I have my own personal chef, but before I tell you how I can afford that, read on…

As I counsel my patients to eat “real” food rather than pre-packaged food, I realize that there is some degree of resistance. I’m cooking more and more at home and buying almost exclusively from farmers, farmers’ markets and the local natural food store. There is definitely significant time and labor involved. Although home-cooked meals are the best (especially if the ingredients are locally sources) not everyone (me included) love to cook. Sometimes even those who love to cook don’t have time to cook.


On top of all that, I’m often recommending a caveman “paleolithic” diet to most of my patients because many have intestinal issues, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue and chronic pain. This means avoiding grains, dairy, legumes and sugar and eating more locally sourced pastured meat and animal fat. Most people are raised on so much grain that they don’t even know how to cook “paleo” well.

The low fat diet craze, which I succumbed to thanks to my medical training, is nothing more than a political shame that has unfortunately harmed us for the last fifty plus years. The low fat craze has caused more diabetes, more heart disease, more cancer, and more chronic illness than ever before. We were much healthier as a species when we ate plenty of traditional foods such as pastured eggs, meats, fowl, seafood and animal fats and very little grain or dairy. Traditional diets that ate dairy and were healthy only ate raw unprocessed, un-homogenized dairy, and most of it was cultured into kefir, yoghurt. If you’re as busy as I am and don’t count cooking as one of your favorite daily activities, then you need Richard. I call Richard my “private paleo chef”. He cooks up delicious gourmet-type paleo meals that are gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free and dairy-free and uses locally sourced pastured and antibiotic-free meat. You’re probably thinking it’s costing me a fortune to hire Richard to make most of my lunches and dinners during the week right?

Well, it’s not. In fact, according to my calculations, hiring Richard to cook ten paleo meals for me (one 5 of 8 oz protein and two 3.5 oz vegetable sides) is going to cut my grocery bill almost in half. Yes, in half! I’m still going to buy local and cook all my breakfasts and weekend meals, but in addition to the convenience, I’m going to save money. Not only am I saving money on the actual food, but I’m also saving money on propane (because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes to reheat) and water (because I don’t need to do a wash a pile of dirty pots and pans – and by they way this saves propane too).

Furthermore, the time-saved means that I don’t have to rush from dinner to skating after work and I’ll have more quality time to spend with my significant other…or working on writing my next book.

How good is the food? Pretty impressive really. Richard cooks up some foods I’ve never ever tried (like Rutabaga) so my body doesn’t get bored or used to the same old thing all the time. Here’s a sample week’s menu:


Vegetable Sides:
  • Lemon and Mustard Cauliflower
  • Roasted Turnips
  • Sweet Potato Salad
  • Bread Fruit Rice
  • Curry Vegetables

Richard even has a “no pork” and “autoimmune protocol AIP ” menus. So how much does it cost? Well, for 20 amazing meals a month (5 oz meat and 7oz vegetable) its about $279.95 with shipping just $15!  Ah, there, you have my secret! Richard is a gourmet Paleo chef and cross fit athlete based in Atlanta. Him and his team cook up scrumptious paleolithic meals and freeze them in vacuum sealed recylcable containers that you can heat in the oven or just pop out onto a saute pan over the stove for five minutes. I just order online and he ships it out Monday or Tuesday and it arrives on frozen, on ice, Wednesday or Thursday.

If you’d like to eat healthier, cut the carbs, save time and save money, why not try it for a week or a month? And now they’ve added gourmet bone broth!

Non-GMO Broth – chicken, beef, guinea hen and pork options!

If you’ve read my Guide to Healing Chronic Pain book, you’ll know that Chef Richard and I created a special Dr. Karen’s Pain Relief Success Paleo Pack which is autoimmune protocol friendly.  In this pack, we avoid common inflammatory vegetables like nightshades and include more grassfed beef and no pork.

And now there is even wild caught fish option! (keep in mind you’ll have to cook the fish, but it doesn’t take long)

Try it today and let me know what you think. I love it and its perfect for singles, couples or families on the go.

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