Nutritional Therapy

Which diet and supplements will work the best for me?

With so many diets out there with conflicting advice, how are you supposed to sort through what will work for you and what won’t?

Each person is different and so are their dietary needs, especially if they are suffering from a chronic illness. I individualize your optimal diet by using Chinese Medicine principles depending on your symptoms and add in supplements when necessary.


Not all supplements are created equal. Many of the supplements in grocery or drug stores have additives, colorings and little or no active ingredient. For example, fish oil supplements from the stores are notoriously rancid (fishy tasting) or inactive (processed with heat).

For the best quality supplements, I most often use Emerson Ecologics, a distributor of high quality natural supplements. My patients are permitted to order directly from Emerson Ecologics at a 15% discount (there is a special discount code).

Use this screening tool to check if your supplements interact with each other or your medications:

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