Vital Proteins: Pasture-raised Gelatin and Collagen Peptides

Benefits of Bone Broth Without the Work: Youthful Skin, Healthy Joints & Happy Gut

Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Collagen Peptides

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of bone broth with all the minerals, collagen and joint cartilage components to help heal the gut, skin and joints. But for some folks, making bone broth on a regular basis doesn’t work for their lifestyle. So what to do? Well, I’ve discovered pastured collagen peptides and real beef gelatin (not the fake stuff you find at the grocery store) as an alternative. It doesn’t contain ALL the nutrients of bone broth, but definitely the anti-wrinkling and joint supporting ones! Because it comes from pastured animals, it doesn’t contain GMO’s or nasty hormones. What I like about Vital Proteins brand is that the components are made from pastured animals. They even have marine collagen from non GMO fish now! Wow! Although my skin looks more than a decade younger than I am, I’ve decided that I’m adding a scoop of collagen peptides (pre-digested so it isn’t jello anymore) to my morning breakfast smoothie anyway. I don’t always have access to “bones” to make my broth so this is my go-to if I don’t.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.51.46 PMIt is tasteless and you can add it to just about anything including your morning java,(making it a healthier drink), soups, casseroles and sauces.  Now the gelatin is really fun. You can make your own Gummi Bears that are actually really yummy! (Yes, I even bought a real Gummi Bear mold).   Here’s a website where you can download the recipes:



Below are some of my personal favorites

Collagen Beauty Water


Beef Gelatin



Collagen Coffee Creamer

Cartilage Collagen

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